Annual PD Day

January 30, 2020

The ACFE Annual Fraud Professional’s Conference is our flagship event, returning for a 22nd year to provide our members with a unique opportunity to meet as a community, network with each other and to learn from our distinguished speakers.


John Craig

Global government and partner sales manager at MindBridge Ai


The Application of Artificial Intelligence to Abnormality Detection in Audit and Finance

In this session you will learn, with examples and a demonstration how AI has been used to increase the efficiency of anomaly detection; enhancing the assurance in the data reviewed and develop insights into government operations essential for managing the unavoidable big financial data problem faced by every government today.  

James Cohen

Executive Director at Transparency International Canada


Ending Snow Washing - An overview of legislative changes

This discussion will provide an overview of the case for establishing a publicly accessible registry of beneficial ownership in Canada including review Canada’s ‘snow washing’ problem, where the national conversation currently stands, what is happening global, and how implementation can actually happen.

Al Mathews

Senior Investigator at Commissioner of Canada Elections


Elections Fraud

In this session you will learn how the Canada Elections Act is enforced, how the types of offences encountered have evolved and how financial investigations are common.

Marc Tassé

Expert Advisor - Ethics and Anti-Corruption - University of Ottawa


The Ethical Challenge

In this session you will learn about the characteristics of a robust corporate ethics and compliance program, and its benefits in a world characterized by moral relativism where guidelines for behaviors are being consistently blurred such that absolute right and wrong no longer seem to apply. 

Joanna Gualtieri

Speaker on organizational integrity and whistleblower rights


Whistleblowing - Ultimate Safeguard Against Corruption and Tyranny

In this session, we will robustly explore who the whistleblowers are, why they do it, and how we, as a society, are utterly dependent and ultimately safer when people with truths to tell about betrayals of the public good are protected.  We will discuss why Canada, despite being a nation with a long history of peacekeeping and institutional integrity, consistently fails to meet even basic standards of best practices in whistleblower protection.  

Jon Trask

CEO at Blockchain Guru


21st Century Fraud

Jon is looking forward to discussing how blockchain serves as a means to reduce both identity and procurement fraud with its unique approach to transparency & security based on the principles of auditability & immutability. 

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