Annual PD Day

January 21, 2021

Virtual Event

The ACFE Annual Fraud Professional’s Conference is our flagship event, returning for a 23nd year to provide our members with a unique opportunity to meet as a community, network with each other and to learn from our distinguished speakers.


Simon Marchand 

Chief Fraud Prevention Officer Security & Biometrics Division
at Nuance Communications


Biometrics: Applications in fraud prevention, detection and investigation

This session is designed specifically for CFEs and will offer an opportunity for your members to not only to learn more on biometrics and ID theft, but also to ask all the questions they need on that topic.

You will learn to:

1. Discern biometrics terminology

2. Differentiate the types of biometrics technology

3. Apply biometric fraud prevention use cases

4. Assess how biometrics is used for investigation and prosecution of fraudsters

John Bishop

Senior Cyber Security Advisor - Partnerships
at Canadian Centre for Cyber Security


Cybersecurity - CCCS Perspectives
on COVID-19 related fraud

(description to come)

Stephen Nattras

at Norton Rose Fullbright Canada LLP


Working with lawyers on fraud
and corruption investigations

You will learn :
  • What is legal privilege and why is it important?
  • Dawn raids (criminal search warrants, civil Anton Pillar orders, etc.)
  • Employee privacy rights during an internal investigation 
  • Investigations under the Competition Act (bid rigging, collusion, etc.) and engaging with the Competition Bureau
  • Legal updates on fraud and corruption legal cases in Canada
  • When do Canadian authorities have jurisdiction to prosecute?
  • What is the “directing mind” or “senior officer” of a Canadian corporation under criminal law?
  • Impact of fraud and corruption charges/convictions on federal government procurement under the Integrity Regime
  • The Canadian remediation agreement regime (DPAs)

Elizabeth Simon 

Vice President, Compliance
at FirstKey Homes


Ethical Risks in the ''New'' Workplace

More and more news stories share examples of companies who have chosen not to do the right thing. How can we maintain a culture of compliance and ensure our employees choose to do the right thing? This session will provide some examples of companies in the news that have made bad decisions resulting in ethical failures, share some increasing cultural and ethical risks as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, and leave you with some key takeaways on how to map ethical risk and improve the Speak Up culture at your company.

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